Becoming the Digital Citizen You Should Be!

Sydney P.

George Rogers Clark High School STLP

Blogger Corps DPOJ Project


STLP picture

Fifth grade and your parents have finally allowed you to get a phone! First things first, you download all the new trendy apps and start texting all your friends! After setting up all your social media apps and coming up with numerous options for passwords, I can almost guarantee that you didn’t think about your privacy or any personal information you may or may not have given out. Considering the amount of kids coming into the world of social media at such a young age, precautions are not being taken as well as they should.  

Teaching Digital Citizenship was the solution for the Julius Marks Elementary school STLP group. A team of three elementary school kids that attend JME have come up with a morning news that will show pictures, videos and comments on the topics surrounding digital citizenship. The various topics on the news have been: warnings about giving out personal information to websites, how to operate a computer appropriately, being respectful online, and being a responsible online user as well.  They also taught some in-person lessons to the classmates using their presentation board from STLP regional competition.

STLP picture

What brought the JME team to the idea of Digital Citizenship were concerns for the safety of their classmates online and their own knowledge that kids don’t really know how to be responsible with technology.   The STLP team wanted to alert younger age kids of the consequences and safety precautions of using social media and the internet.  Students could avoid the possible consequences. The video lessons, commentary on the morning news and the in-person lessons show the kids how to be a better person online and in general build character in the kids at their school. One of the more important and scary consequences are the possibilities of a student saying something they shouldn’t have and then no matter what they can never get rid of what they said. Hopefully, these kids will reach their goals and keep more and more kids safe on and offline!  These kids are awesome in how they care about their school community and finding solutions to problems to their school the best it can be!  Way to go GREAT D.C. @JME!