Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Clark County Celebrates Award Winning Teachers

This summer, the Clark County Board of Education recognized 9 outstanding teachers for their achievements with four categories of awards:"21st Century Award", "Difference Maker Award", "Relationship Builder Award", and the "Above and Beyond Award."

21st Century Award

 21st Century Learning Award-teacher who has shown excellent use of technology in student learning.


Jason Williams

– GRC – Teaching for 3 years, and has been teaching 10th and 11th Grade English for 3 years.  Jason works hard to incorporate technology by teaching the basic technological skills into all of his classes, guiding students to helpful web resources, and using social networking to aid in learning.  When teaching writing skills to students he has provided them to links like Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab, Diana Hacker’s site on MLA research (saving them the cost of an MLA guide), and the EasyBib website that automatically generates and formats research citations for websites.  He has created a blog for his classes, thus providing information on announcements, daily assignments, and materials so that homebound or ill students can get their work as well.  He also uses Facebook to incorporate learning beyond the classroom as most students today either use home computers or their phones, so why not go where the students are?  He has also created a “Fan Page” for his AP English courses and over 75 students are fans of the class page, enabling him to send out messages, clarifications, upcoming events, extra credit questions, and even ACT preparation outside of class.


Sarah Hodson

– CMS – Teaching for 2 years, and has been teaching 6th Grade Mathematics for 2 years.  She is a brilliant instructor who uses technology to capture and inspire her students to learn.  She has introduced Clickers, Document Camera, and the Mobi Tablet to enhance learning the classroom.  She has even created Jeopardy Math games to prepare her class for exams using PowerPoint.  She uses the scan-tron machine to score student work and print data in order to analyze information to determine the student’s learning ability.  She consistently uses technology to encourage learning for the students and well as sharing with her colleagues to help them do the same through her example and guidance.


Jillian Brinegar

– Preschool – Teaching for 3 years, and has been working in Early Childhood & Special Education for 3 years at the Preschool.  She creates unique learning opportunities through the utilization of technology by using the Interwrite Board to incorporate multiple modalities of teaching for children at all developmental levels, helping them to communicate their wants and needs.  Students learn by using mechanical animals such as dinosaurs, which helps them to not only learn about the animal, but improves cognitive skills in a fun and innovative way, not to mention providing excitement for each student.   She uses technology to record all data, and uses that data collection to drive her instruction.


Relationship Builder Award

Relationship Builder Award-teacher who has worked to build positive home to school relationships with students and their families.

Amy Downey

– CMS – Teaching for 4 years, and has been teaching 7th Grade Special Education.  She takes the time to get to know her students' families and friends on a personal level, and every important aspect of their life. She is a very proactive teacher and identifies problematic situations in the classroom before the situation occurs, and unique needs of each individual and develops strategies to work with their needs.  The students are aware that she truly cares for them and they repay her with the respect and honesty that she deserves as their teacher.  Mrs. Downey went to the aid of a former student that had been placed in Day Treatment and mentored the student, while teaching her current job, as long as the student was at Day Treatment.  The student asked in one session, “Why do you care about me?” She knew at that time that her work with students was not in vain.


Stacey Wasson Moore

– Pilot View – Teaching for 8 years, and has been teaching 4th Grade.  She has a strong desire to have full and rich experiences with students when they walk in her classroom door.  She creates an atmosphere of knowledge and adventure.  Each year she creates a theme to involve activities for the entire year, and the theme for this year is “Zoo Adventure” with a room decorated with life-size animals, thereby creating a pleasing atmosphere for learning.  She started “Arnie and Me”, which involves Arnie a stuffed aardvark traveling to each student’s home every weekend to experience life with each family, and the student develops a scrapbook of memories to treasure.  Students have the benefit of an eventful education experience in her classroom.  She has even started an archery club on Saturdays that has almost 100 people in attendance.


Difference Maker Award

The Difference Maker Award-teacher who has shown great prowess in ensuring that students from all backgrounds and races are academically successful in school.


Danielle Ward

– Conkwright – Teaching 9 years, and has been teaching 6th Grade for 7 years.  She is currently working to finish up her National Board Certification.  Her classroom is a perfect example of rigor and relevance, allowing each and every student to learn at high levels regardless of their background.  She consistently monitors student progress to make sure that all students are “getting” it.  She uses various methods to engage students to learn, i.e., starting off with a current music video, and transitioning them into studying poems written by Appalachian poets, and then having the students eager to write their own poems.  She is a Yearbook sponsor and has a Poetry Club every Monday morning, inviting students to study modern poetry.  She makes a difference in the lives of every child that she comes in contact with.



Elizabeth Dicken

– Central – Teaching 11 years, and has been teaching 3rd Grade for 1 year. She continues to inspire her peers with her instructional strategies to help all students achieve to their fullest potential.  She is a Grade Level Team Leader, District Excel Team Member, and facilitated the school's Writing Plan.  She constantly monitors the strengths and weaknesses of students to meet their instructional needs, and has high expectations for each student.  She has even gone as far as recording questions and tasks so that students can listen audibly, and answers the questions to become confident in mastering the core content.  She consistently provides relevant instructional vocabulary opportunities for extended learning.


Above and Beyond Award

Above and Beyond Award-teacher who goes beyond the call of duty to help students and or the school.


Cara Rocchi

– CMS – Teaching for 5 years, and has been teaching 7th Grade Science for 4 years at Clark Middle.  She not only educates her students in Science, but she shows them acceptance and trust; she serves as a positive role model for students.  Students at all levels and background appreciate her quick wit and engaging classroom.  She is always open to new ideas and different methods of teaching.  She exhibits patience and the extreme desire for her students to comprehend what she is teaching.


Mary Farris

- Strode Station – Teaching for 28.5 years, and has been the Literacy Coach since the inception of Literacy First.  On a daily basis she goes above and beyond to help the students and teachers make reading a daily priority.  She conducts professional development classes in Literacy for the teachers, helps them develop their reading block schedule and word walls, establishes literacy centers, and works with small groups daily.  She coordinates two Title I Open Houses, Wild About Reading incentive program, and planning of Book Character Day.  She also works closely with the librarian on Guest Reader Day, bringing in community leaders to read to the students to encourage the importance of reading and learning.  She is viewed as an expert resource in Literacy.


Notice of Nondiscrimination

Clark County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, marital status, or age in employment, educational programs, and activities as set forth in Title IX and VI, and in Section 504. Clark County Public Schools provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:
Scarlett Ryan, Director of Human Resources
Clark County Public Schools
1600 West Lexington Avenue
Winchester, KY 40391   859-744-4545
For entire notice of non-discrimination, click here.

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