Title: What Would You Do to Survive in 9/11?

Student Name: Cole L.

Category: Technical Writing Product

Division: 6-8


  1. I chose my option to do Technical Writing.
  2. I brainstormed ideas to write about.
  3. I used my resources to come up with an idea.
  4. I was to choose between 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor disaster.
  5. I decided to pick 9/11.
  6. I brainstormed ideas for 9/11 scenarios.
  7. I looked up stories of up close 9/11 survivors.
  8. I made my first few scenarios.
  9. I couldn't stop typing.
  10. I eventually ran out of ideas, so I brainstormed some more ideas.
  11. I have made my writing piece really good, and am near the end.
  12. I am thinking of an incredible ending.

Product Entry:

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