Migrant Education Program Summer Camp

The Clark County Migrant Education Program is having another great summer! Based at Robert D. Campbell Jr. High School, the program's "Safari Camp" has been a blast! The students are studying animals, habitats, environments, ecology, botany, and art. They have visited several fun educational sites and welcomed visitors to their camp. All of the students produced unique works of art this week, as well.

To view a photo album of some of the events in which they've participated, please click here.

During the week of June 3-7, the Preschool-5th grade students visited the Explorium Children’s Museum in Lexington. They participated in a STEM-based enrichment class. In this class the students learned about robotics by doing hands-on activities. The students then had a great time exploring the museum. Mrs. Wendy O’Connor of Clark County Public Library visited these students to read and work on reading comprehension.

During that same week, the 6th-12th grade students learned about sculptures, painting, and pottery on their visit to Winchester’s own Created by You Pottery. They also participated in Cooking Classes hosted by Mrs. Sandy Kennedy of the U.K. Cooperative Extension Office. They learned about healthy foods, kitchen safety, and cooking a well-balanced meal. These students also visited the Rowland Arts Center downtown. They participated in an enrichment class that also involved learning about healthy cooking. They then prepared delicious a delicious breakfast dish.

For more information about the CCPS Migrant Education Program, find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ClarkCoMigrantEducationProgramaMigrante/ and in an upcoming Winchester Sun article.