Lady Flyers Connect Students with STEM

Sydney P.
George Rogers Clark High School STLP
Blogger Corps DPOJ Project

 Lady Flyers STLP


At Franklin County High School, a group of students had an idea along with a goal to reach out to younger girls in their school system. The STLP group knew that getting girls involved in technology is important.  The group decided to use STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to teach younger girls. To find interested girls, they used social media to reach out to girls, ages 3 to 8. The STLP groups decided to create a day where the young girls would come to Franklin County High School and learn.  On “Lady Flyers Day, “ the students participated in four stations that represented each of the STEM categories. The young girls were divided into four groups which traveled to each of the four stations.

The science station involved creating a volcano to learn about chemical reactions. The technology stations used Spheros and Ozobots to begin learning coding to move the robots.  The station for engineering was making paper airplanes and then testing them to see which design flew the furthest. Finally, the math station allowed the girls to play Jenga as they correctly answered basic math questions. The future plans of this group include hosting the girls back again with even more to learn in STEM. This was a really fun time for the students involved, both young and older!