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Stress is in the air! Teenagers in high school typically spend 10 months of the year in school, which as you could imagine would be stressful at times. For instance, in school students have many tests, projects, and homework to prepare, some of which could be stressful. Another cause of stress in teen lives is social aspect of their lives where they feel as though they need to fit in at school. All of these reasons are why Makiya McNear and Audrey Gilbert decided to create their STLP project S.T.R.E.S.S.

From personal experience and being in high school themselves they noticed the amount of stress stirring around in their school and decided to come up with ideas to help students limit the amount of stress in their lives. They created a website where every student could access it and post tips they use to release stress. Their school counselors also got involved and on the website they shared advice they give students on how to stay stress free during school days. Students are welcome to share their own stories about things they're stressed about and/or things they think would help other students. To see if their website is effective they also have a survey for students to take and a place for them to say what could be improved and what they like about the website.

According to the data Makiya and Audrey collected 44% of teens say they use online sources to help manage stress. Also, 43% of teens report feeling stressed all the time. But with the help of these girls the students in their school and they hope at other schools (in the future) will be less stressed during school and will meet some new people and make friends through their website. Two girls, technology, and help from a few people can make a real difference in the stress of students!